For all your baking needs…

Photos of bannetons, a peel and a baking tin

We sell all the equipment you need to bake bread in your own home, from proving baskets to bread tins to wooden peels. See our equipment range.

Three bags of heritage grain flour

Along with flour you’d expect to find in a bakery, we sell a range of heritage grains. These varieties are often called “ancient” as they were in use thousands of years ago, before wheat was commodified into the strain grown around the world today. They are great for a baker looking for a new challenge as they behave in subtly different ways and have unique flavours. Look for Einkorn, Khorasan, Emmer and Spelt on the shelves in our shop.

Two books from the Real Bread Campaign

We have two books in stock from the Real Bread Campaign. Slow Dough Real Bread is chock-full of recipes from real bread bakers across the country, while Knead To Know More has practical advice for starting your own microbakery, whether it’s from your kitchen or something like Loaf. The more bakeries the better!