Our Bread and Pastries

And when to buy them

We make a standard range every day. As the weekend approaches, this expands and the specials start arriving.

While not set in stone, this is what you can usually expect to see on the shelves.

You can pre-order most of our breads and pastries on this page. Please note ordering shuts at least one day before the bake but we always have plenty on the shelves.

Sourdough Breads
White SourdoughEvery Day£3.75 / £2.50
Seeded Spelt SourdoughEvery Day£4.50
Rye SourdoughEvery Day£3.75 / £2.50
Vollkornbrot (Seeded Rye)Tue£3.00
Wholemeal SourdoughWed – Sat£4.00
Sourdough TinSaturday£3.75
Yeasted Breads
White TinEvery Day£2.50
Multigrain TinEvery Day£2.50 / £1.20
Stirchley LoafEvery Day£2.00 / £1.00
BaguetteEvery Day£2.00
FocacciaTue – Fri£2.50
Cinnamon BunEvery Day£2.50
Cardamom & Pistachio BunEvery Day£3.00
CroissantWed – Sat£2.00
Pain au ChocolatWed – Sat£2.75
Pain aux RaisinsSaturday£3.00
Almond Croissants
(and other varieties)
Saturday£3.50 – £4.00


We make a range of cakes and other sweets every week. These change all the time but there is usually a brownie and a blondie in the mix.