Baking Equipment and Supplies

We sell everything you need to bake bread in your home, from baking tins to fresh yeast. All the following is available at our shop in Stirchley.

Pre-packed Flour

We stock a range of wheat, rye and heritage flour in 1.5kg packs, along with semolina and rice flour.

Bulk Flour

Along with the pre-packs available on the shelves, we can also sell you flour from the bakery stores. Because we buy in bulk we get a good price which we can pass on to you.

For flour by the kilo we ask that you bring your own clean container.

16kg sacks may have to be ordered specially and arrive on Fridays. Please ask in store or email by Monday afternoon to be included in our order.

Bring your own container16kg sackPre-packs 1.5kg
White£1.40 /kg£21.00£2.65 (£1.77 /kg)
Wholemeal£1.40 /kg£21.00£2.60 (£1.74 /kg)
Light Rye£1.10 /kg£16.00£2.70 (£1.80 /kg)
Dark Rye£1.10 /kg£16.00£2.30 (£1.54 /kg)
Prices correct at June 2023. May be different in store.

We reserve the right not to sell from our bakery stock if we need it for our bread.

We can bulk order any flour milled by Matthews Cotswolds Flour. Please email with your enquiry.

Fresh yeast

1p /gramme. This is the yeast we use in our bakery for our non-sourdough breads. It is good for 1-2 weeks.

Sourdough starter

We’d be happy to give you a dollop of our wheat or rye starter for free. Please bring a jam jar or similar container.

Baking Equipment

Banetton prooving baskets

Oval or round. £14 large, £12 small.

Baking tin

£14 large, £12 small.


Hand made in Stirchley by Dale Hipkiss. £18

Quarry tiles

Turn your domestic oven in a bakery oven. £7.50 for 4.

Scoring knife

Over-18s only. ID may be asked for. £2

Dough scraper

For the scraping of the dough. £1.50