Cookery school vouchers and an explanatory leaflet

Our cookery school vouchers sell so well that we often forget to promote them, but not at this time of year!

  • Available in any denomination, they now last for at least two years so there’s plenty of time to redeem them.
  • They can be put towards any of the classes we offer in whole or in part payment – you don’t need to cover the whole cost.
  • You are sent a PDF to print out and pop in a gift card.

Please consider giving the gift of a future food learning experience this Winterval by visiting this page!

(If you’ve given or received a voucher in the last year, don’t worry, we’ll automatically be extending the expiry date by 12 months).

The Loaf cookery school leaflet

We produced a new leaflet this year detailing what we offer at our cookery school. You can pick one up in the bakery shop or download this PDF, which isn’t as nice as the lovely textured paper stock Joseph at The Holodeck chose for us, but is a bit more convenient if you’re not actually in Stirchley.