Wholegrain Baking with Tom Baker

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New in 2023, running quarterly.

We are pleased to bring you a brand new baking class in 2023, which sees the return of our founder Tom Baker to the Loaf Cookery School teaching team.

Since last teaching at Loaf in 2019, Tom and his wife Jane have set up a new bakery and micro-homestead near Machynlleth in mid-Wales, Rye and Roses. As well as producing bread and pastries with a strong focus on sourdough and whole grain products, they grow their own toppings for their wood-fired pizza nights, and are part of a collective of farmers and enthusiasts that have helped to bring wheat growing back to the Dyfi valley after decades of absence.

On this exciting new course Tom will draw on his 15 years of baking experience, and share with you the joys of baking with wholemeal flour and using more whole grains in your home-baking. As well as all the practical hand-skills needed to handle doughs with a higher proportion of wholemeal in, Tom will help you to gain an understanding of the biology of grains (wheat, rye and spelt) and the value of using and eating whole grains in terms of both nutrition, economics and politics. We will be covering the growing cycle of grain crops in the UK and how Tom has seen this during his time in Wales.

During the course you will be making a 100% rye ‘vollkornbrot’, a yeasted wholemeal tin using Tom’s locally grown ‘YQ’ flour, a spelt sourdough and a 100% wholemeal sourdough all using different techniques, flours and baking methods.

A knowledge of a sourdough baking (or even having previously attended our sourdough class!) would be beneficial as we will be using a sourdough starter in all of our loaves.

There will also be a chance to tour Loaf’s in-house community bakery and to stock up on any bread making equipment from our shop after the course.

The course starts promptly at 9am and finishes at 4pm takes place at Loaf’s cookery school on Stirchley High Street in South Birmingham.

All refreshments, lunch, equipment, recipes and aprons are provided.

This course is not suitable for Coeliacs. Please email us if you need to know more about allergens in this course.

More dates to follow throughout the year.