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Learn how to make Thaali on a cookery course in Birmingham.

Join Loaf and Haseen from Kings Heath’s Pop Up Dosa for a fantastic Thaali making workshop

Haseen has been bringing fantastic street food from Kerala in the south west of India to the streets of Birmingham for several years now. Starting from a home-cafe in Kings Heath, to guest appearances at markets and takeovers of cafes and pub restaurants, Pop Up Dosa is an integral part of the grassroots food landscape in Birmingham, and for good reason.

During this three hour workshop chef Haseen will teach you the secrets of another Indian speciality – Thaali – popular in India, Nepal, Fiji, Sri Lanka, Mauritius and Singapore.

Thaali is a meal made up of a selection of vegetarian dishes served on a platter. In Kerala it is known as Sadhya (banquet), traditionally served on a banana leaf, often in large quantities; for weddings and other special festivals and celebrations. During a traditional Sadhya food is eaten with the right hand, without cutlery, and people sit cross-legged on mats together.

The idea behind a Thaali is to offer all the 6 different flavours of sweet, salt, bitter, sour, sharp and spicy on one single plate. On this hands-on course at Loaf you will learn how to create them all so you can host your own Sadhya celebrations!

Dishes include a Kerala style sambar, daal, carrot and bean thoran, Morru curry, papad,with chutney and pickles. Rice is conventionally the main dish of the Thaali, and in the authentic presentation-style you will normally find the side dishes and delicacies are placed around the central dish.

It’s a very hands-on workshop and we will be feasting on all the dishes we make family style, so Arrive hungry!

This Course runs on a weekday evening roughly once a month except August and December.

Read an interview with Haseen.

About Loaf courses

This course  takes place on a weekday evening from 6.30pm to 9.30pm at Loaf cookery school on Stirchley High Street in south Birmingham. You’ll feel right at home at Loaf, and everything you learn will set you up for bringing your own kitchen alive.

All refreshments, equipment, recipes and aprons are provided. 

This course is suitable for Vegetarians/Vegans and the ingredients are gluten free. Please email us if you need to know more about the allergens in this course.

Please read our T&Cs before booking.

Photos by Jack Spicer Adams

We found the experience of making the entirely veggie (and largely vegan) dishes hugely cathartic, with similar techniques being used across a number of dishes, so you could start to get nods of approval from Haseen, who tries every dish, recommending extras to suit your palate. A smile-filled experience with dishes you can have a really good go at with little more than a frying pan.
Bell and Smokey

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