If you’ve been into the shop this week (or follow us on twitter) you may have seen our NO CARRIER BAG WEEK promotion.

Did you know, it’s been a year since the UK passed the law on charging for plastic bags? That little fact got us thinking… Although we don’t use plastic carrier bags at Loaf (we use paper) we’re always looking for ways in which to reduce our environmental impact.

It’s commonplace for most of our customers to bring their own bags, and we rejoice at those who we see re-using our little paper bags for months on end! Because our customers are considerate, responsible and conscientious of what they buy, and what they waste.

We started to think, do we need to offer carrier bags at all? On the whole, they are unnecessary these days! So we decided to give it a trial run, NO CARRIER BAGS AT ALL THIS WEEK!

We want to encourage and remind our customers to RE-USE and RECYCLE the bags they already have!

We’re even offering a 20% discount on our sweet Loaf tote bags, which were designed by our very own Molly!



So far, pretty much everyone is on board – which is unsurprising! But we’ll let you know how it goes, and wether we’ll be ditching them for good!


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