Carrier Bags & #ThaiNight

Lots of goings on in Loaf HQ today with #ThaiNight TONIGHT! So it’s just a quick post today!

Firstly, We’ve decided to carry on with our NO CARRIER BAG WEEK for another week, AND extend our offer on our sweet Loaf tote bags! We’re on our last 10 so be quick!

Secondly, our Sarah is leaving us next week for her maternity leave and we are GUTTED to have her leave, but BEYOND excited for her and her family! We can’t wait to meet her little one! Maybe we’ll have a themed pop-up night in her honor? 😉

Thirdly, #ThaiNight IS ON! Hopefully you’re one of the wonderful people in the queue tonight, and if you were – don’t be shy! Tweet us @loafonline and let us know how you liked it!

Big shout out to #TeamRice! Lap, Anna, Martha, Dom and Molly for being tremendously talented and wonderful people. #DreamTeam


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