Loaf’s going to the UK Grain Lab

Martha and Neil are off to the UK Grain Lab in Nottingham this weekend: “a gathering of farmers, millers, plant breeders, bakers, cooks, scientists and academics promoting the growing and eating of non-commodity grains in the UK”. As we’ve been researching the heritage grain market for our bakery and cookery school, a number of people have recommended this event and this will be our first time.

The conference programme runs the full gamut from the biology of breeding new strains to sustainable farming practices to building new agro-economies. Not to mention making food from it all. There’s also a fringe programme run with the Real Bread Campaign, open to non-delegates.

We’re particularly looking forward to connecting with the folks from the Nottingham Mill Co-op who we helped crowdfund last year and hope to work with in the future.

Look for a full report soon!

(Photo taken from the UK Grain Lab website)