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Baker 1Loaf gained it’s first bit of press attention in today’s Birmingham Post. Three weeks ago, I had an enjoyable morning outside next to the roaring earth oven with Post journalist Richard McComb, who scribbled down almost every word I uttered, even the details of my wedding. The article could have gone anywhere, but I’m so glad Richard totally ‘got it’, and penned a fabulous piece of writing extolling the values at the heart of Loaf Social Enterprise much more eloquently than I ever could. Some of my favourite quotes are below (read the online version here):

“Tom is based here [Birmingham] for a very good reason: this is where the work needs to be done. There’s no point living in a gastro town, like Ludlow, as pleasant as that might be. He’d be preaching to the converted. This is where Tom’s revolution will have the most impact – his food revolution, that is.”

“He practises what he preaches, be it preserving or bottling, or baking 100 per cent bona fide crap-free bread.”

“He is a great advocate for real food, which he says is all about authenticity, traditions, cooking from scratch, ethical vitality and connecting with people, be they the people who you sit down and share food with or the “heroes that bring it to our plates”. Tom, and I suspect many people like him, myself included, see no reason why we should surrender our food heritage to the multi-nationals, the global buyers and the supermarket vultures.”

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  1. Congratulations on the article! I really enjoyed reading it. Can’t wait for the bread-making course.

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