Free lunches for kids this summer

During the summer holidays, to help cover the shortfall of free lunches while the schools are closed, we are giving away children’s packed lunches to anyone who needs them, no questions asked, and no purchase necessary.

We have a limited number available each day so we ask you to reserve them online.

They are available Wednesday, Thursday and Friday afternoons during opening hours.

Included in the bag will be:
1 x Cheddar or Jam Roll
1 x Pack of Pom Bears
1 x Piece of Fruit
1 x Chocolate Chip Cookie
1 x Cawston Press Juice Carton

Lunches will be available

  • July 27-29
  • Aug 3-5
  • Aug 10-12
  • (Loaf closed Aug 17-26)
  • Aug 31 – Sep 2

These lunches are not a promotional offer or anything like that. They are intended for families that rely on free school meals which are not available in the school holidays.