We had our 2nd BAO HOUSE pop up last night with Lap Fai Lee!   The first time round, the queue was so huge we couldn’t feed everyone, and so with some extra planning and a whole load of extra BAO, we fed heaps of happy people and were very pleased that we didn’t have to turn anyone away, despite the queues again!  Lap designed the menu brilliantly, and along with the sublime was the slightly unusual – it was all very much enjoyed!

Picture by Lap Fai Lee

Many of our guests tried the Beef Honeycomb.  What is Beef Honeycomb?  Tripe, basically.  Sounds better as beef honeycomb though, right?



And did you try the Aoki?  Sugared BAO chips.  DONUTS….. wait  BAONUTS.  It was Jack Spicer Adams, who too late in the day coined that phrase.  He was late, but we like him so it’s ok.


It was a super night, packed full of lovely people.  It’s always lovely for us at Loaf to feel like we are bringing people together – we love the community – and it’s all under the common interest and love of good food.  Lap, Anna, our friend Tim and Jack all helped prepare and serve that wonderful food – we’re very grateful to them.  And to Martha and Molly who have an excellent way of welcoming, serving and ensuring people to have a brilliant evening.  It’s a good team we’ve got.

And so, what’s next?  What IS next?
Keep your eyes peeled!


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