Back to School!

September is synonymous with the dreaded/celebrated ‘Back to School!’

It’s back to school here in our cookery school too, we’ve been busy sorting out the dates with our course tutors and have filled up the diary for October & November (with some courses even as far as Feb 2017!)

Tonight we’re hosting Macarons (don’t worry, next course is on 1st Nov!) finishing the month with our Bread:Back to Basics next Sat 24th (last places still available but be quick!)



Then we’re kicking off October with our mega popular course – Charcuterie (we’re doing one every month now FYI!) on the 6th, then speaking of mega… we’re launching a new course MEGA FISH! The ultimate seafood workshop with the eponymous Lap-fai Lee aka The Foodist. Learn to cook round fish, flat fish, squid, prawns, mussels/clams & crab/lobster; in both European and Asian styles. It’s a must for any serious foodie.



But, if you’re just starting from the beginning in the kitchen (or feel like you should!) Try Knife Skills on the 13th.

Have you been inspired by #SourdoughSeptember? We hope so! That’s why we’re putting on another Simply Sourdough course on the 14/15th!

Next, we’ve got our super popular Bao on the 18th, followed closely by Japan on the 19th (#baohouse part II goes down next Thurs btw…though I know you haven’t forgotten)



Then finishing the month again, with our much famed Bread:Back to Basics on the 20th October.


**RE: Our Pasta course:

A lot of you have been enquiring about new dates, and we thank you for your interest and patience. We are still working on a replacement course tutor (Our Tom is on Paternity leave atm), but it looks likely that we will have dates in the diary from January onwards, hoping to have the dates confirmed by December – ready for Xmas!

Thanks again for your patience! We’ll keep you posted.**





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