The Whole Hog: Pork Butchery and Charcuterie at Loaf Cookery School


Join Loaf for a once-a-year pig butchery and charcuterie experience. This Autumn course is led by experienced cook and charcuterie enthusiast Lap-fai Lee, with a pig butchery demonstration from Bournville’s organic butcher Steve Rossiter. This day-long course will take you through options for creating amazing charcuterie, as well as fresh pork dishes, from almost every part of the pig. You’ll also be creating your own porky lunch in the middle of the day.

During the day you’ll be learning:

  • How to butcher a half-pig into primals, and de-bone as necessary
  • How to make guanciale from the cheeks
  • How to make pancetta from the belly
  • How to make back bacon from the loin
  • How to brine a ham
  • How to make and link fresh sausages
  • How to make dry cured sausages such as salami and chorizo.

This is a real ‘nose to tail’ butchery course, we won’t be wasting anything. Confidence in handling knives would be an asset, but other than that the skill level required is minimal, just willingness to take part with hands-on learning. You’ll receive ongoing support from Lap and Steve.

The course costs £120 (inclusive of VAT) and all refreshments, equipment, recipes and aprons are provided. The fee includes a delicious lunch that you will be proud to have made yourself, and you’ll have a piece of charcuterie or fresh pork to take home with you, along with a recipe booklet with everything you’ve learnt on the day. As with all of our Loaf courses, you won’t be going home hungry!

This year’s course takes place on Thursday 13th November, 9.30am – 4pm in our cookery school at Loaf HQ. To book a place, visit the course page here, or contact Nancy

We encourage your feedback on this, as it’s our first pork butchery course – what would you like to learn? Please add your comments below for Lap.

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