The Beez Neez

Went to the Birmingham international food fair on Wednesday evening. It’s a city council sponsored event organised by a French company, the first of what the council are hoping will be an annual summer event to replicate the popularity of the Christmas market.

I was on the hunt for locally produced food and found a great honey producer from Kingswinford (12 miles west of Birmingham), the Beez Neez. They sell a range of honey’s from lavender, to lime flower, to acacia, all around £3-4.

The best thing was that the bee keeper was also selling on the stall and very keen to offer an education in honey with every jar. I went for the lime flower honey, and it definitely has a noticeable citrus tang to it. If I can find some local stockists I’ll add to this post.

9 thoughts on “The Beez Neez

  1. Beez Neez will be at the next 24Carrots Farmers’ Market in Birmingham’s Jewellery Quarter on 19th September!

  2. Excellent, would like to meet Frank again. Hopefully he’ll be there in October too, when I’ll be popping along. You now both have a listing on the local food directory!

  3. I’m coming along to the JQ Farmer’s Market on Saturday – I work in the JQ at Gas Street Works and have been trying to get along for a while. Keen honey lover and looking to start keeping bees so looking forward to meeting Beez Neez!

  4. Cool, I wonder if Frank can teach, perhaps loaf cookery school could do beekeeping in collaboration…?

  5. I would be there in a shot!

  6. I got a 50 ml bottle of Beez Neez rose hip syrup last Friday in Wolverhampton. The very nice man on the stall told me they were in W’hampton the first Friday of each month.

    I plan on making the syrup my source of Vit C etc.. for the winter so I hope they continue to sell there.

  7. Thanky Thanky for all this good infmoraotin!

  8. If you want local honey read the label! If it doesn’t say produced in UK or England then it isn’t. Produce of EU will mean it’s imported. Lavender and Acacia honey are not produced in this country. They are from France and Eastern Europe respectively. Lime honey – if produced in UK it will have a minty flavour. Citrus lime is certainly not grown here, it’s a different thing entirely, probably from Spain.

  9. Just magnified the image “UK/EC Honey”.
    It’s a blend, primarily imported.
    (And not conforming to Trading Standards prescribed format either).

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