Music to make croissants by

You may have seen the croissants being made through the window as you queue for your bread. Often this is Molly, as she’s the best at croissants. 

It is said* that viennoiserie is a state of mind as much as a technique, so if you’re struggling with your pastries maybe you need some music to help you focus. Molly has graciously shared her croissant-making playlist and the good news is it’s suitable for other non-pastry related tasks too! 

Here’s the playlist on Spotify (Best played on shuffle for maximum serendipitous juxtapositions.)

*It may not actually be said…

Want some music with your fried chicken?

At Loaf we love folk music and Stirchley almost as much as we love food. That’s why I’m pleased to promote our favourite Stirchley-based folk band, Friends of the Stars, who are about to release their brand new al…, brand new albu….errr… brand new fried chicken seasoning. Yep that’s right, they are releasing a packet of fried chicken seasoning. Should you choose to purchase their seasoning for only £5, you will get a FREE, yep FREE digital download of their latest album, Faith’s Meat Kiosk. It is a total bargain, great music and tasty food, what more could you want?? I played a teeny tiny role in helping this come about (I sent one email) so I feel it is my duty to tell you to get down the butchers and buy a chicken (free range of course), and get on their bandcamp and order the album. That is all, over and out.

Soul Food News

sfpOur buddies up at Soul Food Project in Kings Heath sent us over a bit of news, so we’re just passing it on…

Firstly, they have an exciting opening to join their growing team. They’re looking for a Front of House/Marketing assistant, and you can check out all the details on the attached job description: Staff Vacancy – Front Of House Assistant

Secondly, they are throwing one helluva party for Mardi Gras on the 5th March – headlining is Craig Charles coming straight down to the Hare and Hounds after recording his Funk and Soul show for BBC 6 music in Birmingham. There’ll also be DJ sets from Coldrice and Sweat and live music from Whitmo Deans and Atlantic Players. All accompanied by the best cajun food in brum, what’s not to like?