Regenerative flour

We’ve recently been experimenting with a new stoneground flour and have been very pleased with how it’s turning out. It’s grown using regenerative methods which is something we’re very keen to support. One further advantage is, we also know exactly where each sack of flour comes from and how it was farmed — unlike our normal white flour which is a blend from many farms. For example, here’s the information table for the current batch:

Product NameTraditional Stoneground Regenerative White
Flour TypeStrong White Flour
Flour Protein12.2% > 12.8%
Flour Inputs0%
Farming ModelRegenerative farming model.
1: No inputs
2: Incorporation of livestock
3: Cover crops
4: Low till or no till to minimise soil disturbance
5: 5+ year’s crop rotational cycle including a diverse range of crops and inclusion of fallow years to rest soil.
Farm 1Talton Mill Farm – Stratford-upon-Avon – 21 miles
Farm 2Kirby Farm – Shipston-on-Stour – 20 miles
Milling TypeStoneground Milled
Milling LocationMatthews Mill Shipton Under Wychwood
PurposeLight stoneground strong bread flour, T80 style flour with 12.2% to 12.8% protein.
Grain 1Mulika 50%
Grain 2Khorasan 50%

We’ll be sticking with the normal white flour for our main white loaves but look for the regenerative flour in the ciabatta, focaccia and other speciality breads. If you’d like to know more about the flour we use, please ask!