Our shop is now spacious

When the pandemic hit we moved our counter to the front door and it’s stayed there ever since. We couldn’t easily put things back because we’d ramped up bakery production (to compensate for the closed cookery school) and filled the old shop with fridges and cooling racks. So we’ve spent the last year trying to find a compromise — and this week the prototype is ready for testing.

The headline is, the counter has been moved back so we can fit more of you in the building and serve at least two people at once. This should speed up the queue no end, not to mention being able to hear your order when a lorry goes by. Hooray!

Our range of bread is displayed in the window. These loaves are for display only — you can get your bread at the counter as usual. As you’re queueing you’ll notice we have lots more space for local products and Loaf merch — do check them out!

As we said, this is a prototype. We’re going to be taking copious notes over the coming weeks to see what works and what doesn’t, so do let us know what you think. Then in the new year we’ll spend some time fitting it out properly.