Next week we have a pastry section, and he’s called Lap.

We love working with Lap, aka @oishinboy, aka The Foodist, aka lover. However he’s normally banned from the bakery – bread is about the only thing Lap can’t do and we’d rather it stayed that way, for the safety of all of our future food careers.

Next week though he’s part of the bakery family – he’s going to be banging out loads of his signature macarons, as well as a stack of his favourite sweet delights. You can read all about Laps love-affair with macarons on his foodist blog. The full menu is looking like this:

Tuesday 22nd September (12-6.30pm)
Salted caramel macarons
Canelé (pictured)
Blackberry baked NY cheesecake
Wednesday (12-6.30pm)
Chocolate macarons
Thursday (12-6.30pm)
Ispahan macarons (rose, lychee, raspberry, white chocolate)
Friday (12-6.30pm)
White Stilton, cream cheese and prosciutto macarons
Chocolate pecan pie
Saturday 26th September (8.15-1pm)
All the macarons
Matcha Cheesecake
Chocolate pecan pie

We look forward to seeing you!

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