Meet the Producer event at Loaf, Sat 21st June, 5pm.

We’re really pleased to be hosting a ‘meet the producer’ event here at Loaf on Saturday the 21st June at 5pm. We’ll be welcoming representatives from Terra CSA from Spain. Terra CSA is a ‘beyond organic’ multi-farm project in Catalunya, Spain, building soil through permaculture, holistic management and regenerative agriculture techniques. Producing extra virgin olive oil, almonds, and wine, and selling direct to cropsharers in the UK. It has been spearheaded by Dan and Johanna  McTiernan who founded the Handmade Bakery in Yorkshire, from whom we’ve nicked most of our good ideas over the years! See the flyer below and come and taste their almonds, olives, and red wine for free!

Terra CSA event

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