Man vs Food, Soul Food Style

It must sometimes seem this blog is just a front for a viral Soul Food Project advertising campaign, but I promise you it’s not. It’s been a whole five months since I mentioned them, see! I do feel a kind of paternal instinct towards the young cheeky chappies though, plus someone’s got to teach them how to cook, right?!

Soul Food Jambalaya - how much can you handle??

Anyway, they are coming up to two years old now (my, haven’t they grown?) and they’re celebrating in suitable soul food style, with a big old Man vs Food contest. Oh yes, they’re giving you the opportunity to put yourself up against the biggest bowl of Jambalaya you can scoff down your cake-hole, or the hottest hot chicken wings you can handle. Who got game?!

It’s all kicking off at 2pm on Saturday 19th May at The Victoria. Head chef Carl Finn will be your affable host with guest DJ’s playing also. If you want to enter¬†either contest just email¬†I doubt I’ll enter, but I’m looking forward to watching!


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