Loaf HQ Progress – Part 2

So it’s definitely still a building site, but I thought i’d share a couple more photos of the new shop. It’s really hard to photograph, I need a wide angle lens I think. Anyway, here’s a shot from the front of the Stirchley Stores shop with the hole through to the Loaf bakery at the back:

As you can see it’s going to be quite narrow at the front (the blue boarding on the left is due to the new stairs that service the upstairs flats), but opens up towards the back. Here’s a view from the bakery opening looking back towards the front:

The new shop front should be going on in about 3 weeks I think, towards the end of the build.

Here’s the bakery plastered (the hole being drilled is for the extraction above the oven):

And here’s the proof it’s all getting real:

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