Loaf HQ progress – part 1

Well, after a very long wait, building work has finally started at the new Loaf HQ on Stirchley High Street in Birmingham. Everything is going to schedule so far, which means we should be up and running in August, fingers well and truly crossed. I visited the site last Monday and took a few pics, and as you’d expect it’s a proper building site at this stage as they are stripping out the old snooker shop. Anyways, here’s a pic of what will be the shop (which will be run by Stirchley Stores Food Coop):

Here’s right at the back of the shop looking into what will be the bakery:

Looking back the other direction from the bakery into the shop:

And finally the old snooker shop that will become the cookery school space, right on the street front:

There’s more to the building too – office, storage, old butchers cold room (complete with hooks), toilets etc, which i’ll show you as it goes on. The photos will get more interesting as the build progresses and I’ll try and put a few up weekly so you can see what’s happening.


4 thoughts on “Loaf HQ progress – part 1

  1. Good luck with all the work Tom!

  2. This is really exciting news – i cant begin to imagine how it feels for you, a dream coming true!

    Good luck with the work and please do keep putting photos up.

  3. how exciting, I can’t wait to come along to the new cookery classes!

  4. Thanks all, it is very exciting!

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