Loaf Goes Wild

Since our high street opening in September 2012 Loaf has been involved in some inspiring and innovative food collaborations, from baking Art Bread with Eastside Projects, to Beer Bread with Stirchley Wines and Spirits and Brewdog Birmingham using a range of their selected bottled beers. Our most recent collaboration has taken Tom even further afield, to combine wild food with Real Bread.

Forest Baking

Over the years Tom has met many inspiring real food evangelists including Chris Bax, the founder of Taste The Wild. It is here in their 18 acre woodland in Yorkshire that Tom recently lead a hugely successful open air bread making course. Going back to nature, this course with a difference included cooking in a wood-fired oven without any electricity or running water, and with endless wild forest ingredients to choose from. Transforming Loaf’s usual bread making course to this rural location, the results were equally impressive. A unique and enjoyable collaboration to be remembered, and hopefully repeated.

Here are some forest bread baking pics, by Jane Baker:

Bread Making course at Taste the Wild in Yorkshire
Loaf bread making course in the 18 acre Yorkshire woodland home of Taste the Wild
Shaping the dough before proving. Copyright Jane Baker
Tom demonstrates how to shape the dough before proving
Chris Bax (centre) of Taste the Wild. Copyright Jane Baker
Chris Bax (centre), expert wild food forager and founder of Taste the Wild
Loaf course participants. Copyright Jane Baker
Loaf course participants get stuck in to making real bread under canvas at Taste the Wild
Fresh pine needles, one of the added foraged ingredients for making wild bread
Fresh pine needles, one of the added foraged ingredients for making wild bread
fougasse before baking. Copyright Jane Baker
A fougasse before going into the wood-fired oven
Earth oven bread baking. Copyright Jane Baker
Earth oven bread baking in the forest.
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