Farewell Valentina!

When Val is not at Loaf she works as a musicologist. A few months ago she was awarded a fellowship to research archiving post-1960s music where written traces and recordings are insufficient to guarantee adequate conservation. This means she’ll be working for the next couple of years in Canada before finishing her research tenure in Birmingham.

Val’s final day is Saturday 14th August. She’s insistent that this be seen as a sabbatical and is determined to return in 2023, when she will be welcomed back with open arms.

Val says:

“Hello everyone. I would like to thank you for your kindness over these last two years. It has been a pleasure to meet you all. Working at Loaf made me extremely happy every single day of work. Considering that three-quarters of my time at Loaf was during a global pandemic, I think it is really something special and I hope it tells you what an incredible place Loaf is.

“Even though I am leaving to do something I am very passionate about, I am also looking forward to being back working with my Loaf co-workers and to meet you all again. I wish you all the best things and a lot of good treats!

“As for me, I have no idea how I will survive without my fix of pain au chocolat… please send over recommendations for good bakeries in Ottawa! While away, I will try my best not to be a stranger. In the meantime, before I fly off later in the year, I’ll see you all in line, as fellow customers!“

We will miss Val terribly. She’s been a rock and a light throughout a very weird year. We wish her well and look forward to her return!