Cookery courses coming up

Three profiles of three brilliant courses coming up in a couple of weeks at Loaf

Kitchen Essentials Three: Eggs
23rd April 2013

Eggs are one of natures most simple yet beautiful foods, incredibly versatile but surprisingly difficult to cook right. On this two-hour workshop we’ll separate, whisk, scramble, omelette, poach, and turn into a classic egg-based sauce. The egg is a delicate soul, but with a few basic rules and some nifty new skills you’ll be able to cook it with confidence and flair, and learn how to use it’s unique properties in many great dishes from eggs benedict to poached meringues. Kitchen Essentials: Eggs is a great stand-alone workshop but also compliments the rest of the Kitchen Essentials series beautifully, especially the Stocks and Sauces workshop. More about Kitchen Essentials, course costs, and how to book here.

Forage and Cook
25th April 2013

Foraging isn’t just a countryside past-time, it can be an urban adventure too! Join us for a delightful evening wandering the urban wilds of south Birmingham in search of edible treats, before returning to Loaf HQ to turn them into some fabulous seasonal dishes. This course is aimed at those with little or no experience of foraging, and covers all the practicalities, legalities, and safety aspects of picking wild plants to eat. By the end of the evening you will be able to confidently identify several readily available wild foods, know how to properly prepare them, and be eager to get out there on your own adventure… read more about our Foraging course, course costs and how to book here.

Kitchen Essentials Four: Cooking Vegetables
29th April 2013

Vegetables are the delicious encapsulation of sunshine. For too many years they have played second fiddle to meat, but no more!! On this fantastic Kitchen Essentials: Cooking Vegetables workshop you’ll learn how to bring out those fantastic flavours locked up inside veg, and put them out front on a pedestal, where they belong. Chef and baker Dom Clarke will teach you that it’s not always about steaming and al-dente cooking: roasting, pan-roasting, and braising can give fantastic results and sometimes just a simple drizzle of olive oil will bring out the natural flavours in raw vegetables. Kitchen Essentials: Cooking Vegetables is a great stand-alone workshop but also compliments the rest of the Kitchen Essentials series well, especially the Knife Skills workshop. More about Kitchen Essentials, course costs, and how to book here.

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