Birmingham independent food business of the year award – 2010

It’s about time Birmingham started celebrating it’s food hero’s, after all we’re one of the country’s top food destinations now with a big fine dining scene, and a growing grassroots local food scene. So, in the vein of B:iNS’s ‘Brummie of the Year’ competition, we thought we’d have a bit of fun and run an annual award for the best independent food business in Birmingham.

Here’s the rules:

1. ‘Food Business’ – is very loosely defined – any business or organisation working in the food or drink industry in Birmingham – retailers, producers, restaurants, farmers market, coffee shops, cookery schools etc etc…

2. Birmingham means under the jurisdiction of Birmingham City Council, so includes Sutton Coldfield but not Solihull. Business should either be based in Birmingham, or do virtually all their business in Birmingham.

3. Independent means no more than three owned-outlets anywhere.

4. To nominate,  a single comment is required on this blog post.

5. Nominations are open from now until Boxing Day.

6. Voting will then commence until New Years Day.

Any suggestions of refinements of these rules are welcomed. Loaf is excluded from the competition for reasons of impartiality.

the winner gets a 3 month small ad on this website for free and a little logo for their own website and promo materials – if anyone wants to design one in return for a couple of loaves of sourdough, please get in touch (, otherwise i’ll knock one up with my limited design skills!

Get nominating (remember only one comment needed to nominate a business – voting opens on boxing day)…

26 thoughts on “Birmingham independent food business of the year award – 2010

  1. I nominate Bridges Meats, 7 Mere Green Road, Sutton Coldfield. B75 5BL.

    A small local butcher who has THE most amazing beef and other meats. A proper butcher. Like they used to be.


  2. I nominate Urban Coffee Company, Church St and JQ.

  3. Surely the award has to go to Kissme Cupcakes
    Yes they are wonderful cakes that we cannot live without but also fantastic service.
    ‘Made with love’ as they say

    (PS Hope they qualify as thier outlets are all in Brum?!)

  4. 24 Carrots Farmers Market at JQT
    I would never have gone to a farmers market if it wasn’t for them. Addicted now

  5. I’d like to vote for Urban Coffee Company-they’re coffee is excellent and service is fantastic!!

  6. Urban Coffee Company. Great place to go and chat/work/chill. Also just opened in the JQ too which is a bonus as I work there!

  7. Lindsay – voting opens on Boxing day.

    Rickie – Yes i think we should definitely qualify KMC, they’re very much a Birmingham business, even if they make the cakes in West Brom. I’ll reword the rules to reflect this.

  8. Another vote for Urban Coffee Company

  9. Urban Coffee Company

  10. Another vote for Urban Coffee Co here. Don’t know what i’ddo without em!

  11. Another vote for Urban Coffee Company 🙂

  12. Urban coffee co

  13. Manton’s at the top of Newhall St. Great coffee and the cakes in there are too good to be missed!..


  15. I’ll nominate Leverton & Halls and if I can have two nominations Rossiters as well!

  16. I nominate Nima’s delicatessen in Moseley. Firstly because it’s a Moseley institution that’s still surviving in the face of supermarket competition but mostly because I’d love to see the look on Mr Nima’s face if he won the award!

  17. Rossiters, without a shadow of a doubt

  18. How about Kitchen Garden Cafe in Kings Heath ….?

  19. Great nominations so far, keep them coming!

  20. I nominate a much loved new face on Newhall Street – Manton’s – delicious coffee, upbeat atmosphere and best of all the most amazing cakes. Yum!!

  21. And also the Warehouse Cafe, Allison Street? If I am allowed two nominations – voting is going to be very tricky on this!

  22. Hi Jen, yes you can nominate as many businesses as you like, they’ll all go on the ballot paper – but you’ll only be allowed one vote when that begins!

  23. Oh, go on then, I’ll bite… 😉

    There are two places that have injected a little extra happiness into my life this year, Capeling and Co, and the Soul Food Project at the Hare and Hounds. My sandwiches are *way* more interesting this year, and I’ve gone out for Sunday roasts once more and loved them! Both are run by people who just “get” food, which helps immensely.

  24. A nomination for ChangeKitchen, the social enterprise based in town but serving the whole city. For showing that great food can make a difference in all sorts of ways.

  25. Maison Mayci , for a whole host of reasons, my favourite cafe in kings heath.

  26. Sorry to Mayson Mayci and ChangeKitchen for not being on the ballot – i’m afraid I didn’t check the comments after about 11pm on Christmas Day and had already set the voting post to start automatically on Boxing day morning. There’s always next year!

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