Applications open for flats in our new building (which needs a name)

In need of affordable housing in Stirchley? Like the idea of living in a co-op run apartment block above a bakery, bike shop and art cafe? Applications are now open for flats in our building, which is currently taking shape on Stirchley high street.

Stirchley Co-op Development banner

Speaking of which, we’ve long realised we need to give our building a name. ‘The Stirchley Co-operative Development Building’ is too much of a mouthful and will get confusing when we start work on the next one (yes, there are already plans for another one).

But where to begin? How does one name a building? Not for the first time in this project we’re in uncharted territory and could do with a nudge.

If you have an idea for what our building could he called, please enter it in this very short form. There’s no prize and a very high chance we won’t use it, but there’s also a chance it’ll set us off in the right direction.