£250 raised for the B30 Food Bank in November

We passed on £250 worth of cash donations from those of you that were able to last month, alongside the many tins and packets of food left with us. We’ve been asked to pass on our thanks, so thanks!

We will continue to support our food bank as long as it is necessary, but it’s important to remember that it shouldn’t be necessary. A society where people are going hungry is a broken society and we should be working to eliminate the causes of this, not picking up the pieces again and again. Thankfully the Trussell Trust agrees.

But it seems we are a long way off this goal and people are suffering. This report of five months at a food bank is eye-opening and quite disturbing. It’s terrible that food banks are necessary, but they are.

You can make a cash donation with your Loaf purchases at the counter or online, or give directly here. And we continue to be a drop-off point for needed products.