Photos from Stirchley Pig Out

Last week we held our first Stirchley Pig Out, hosted by Tom, Dom and Lap-Fai Lee. Quite different to our usual pop-ups, this was an intimate sit-down feast, strictly limited to 12 places. Here are some photos of the food served on the night.

We started with stunning knackebrod smeared with cream cheese, seeds, chicken skin and foraged goodies:

Then we had oysters with horseradish shallot shiso vinaigrette:

 There was salami, lots of bread and whipped butter, radishes, and these little salt cod beignets with sriracha aioli:

Then the suckling pig:

Crumb shot:

Followed by the sweet: Northfield apple pie. Wonderful brown butter sponge, apples, pie crumb, cheesecake smear and sultana sauce:

We had these little salted caramel butter macarons with coffee afterwards:

It was a great success!

Thank you to Lap-Fai Lee for the photos (all bar ‘Crumb shot’ which was taken by Tom.)

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