Loaf is proud to bring Real Bread back to Stirchley.

We make beautiful, wholesome bread slowly, with passion and care, without artificial additives. We specialise in sourdough alongside continental breads such as focaccia and baguettes, and you’ll also find great white and wholemeal tin loaves in our bakery every week.

Real Bread is made with natural ingredients and does not contain processing aids or artificial additives, often added to industrial and supermarket loaves. We’re proud to back The Real Bread Campaign, championing better bread in the UK.

Bread we make on a daily basis:

White Wheat Sourdough
(small £2.20 or large £3.50)

Wholemeal Sourdough
(small £2.20 or large £3.50)

Rye Sourdough
(small £2.20 or large £3.50)

Multigrain Tins
(small £1.10 or large £2.20 )


White Tins
(Large only £2.20)

Rosemary & Sea Salt Focaccia

Stirchley Loaf – a soft batch loaf, half wholemeal, half white
(small £1.00 or large £2.00)

Seeded Spelt Sourdough (friday and Saturday)
(large £3.50)

Pastries on a daily basis:

Croissants (£2.00

Pain au Chocolat (£2.50)

Cinnamon bun (£2.00)

Cardamom, orange and pistachio Bun (£2.50)

Pain au Raisin (Saturday) (£2.50)

Almond Croissant (Saturday) (£3.00)

We also do a variety of sweet things that change daily, including brownies, Blondies and cakes.