Celebrating Sourdough September

We’re going to be celebrating #SourdoughSeptember!

Since 2013, the ninth month of the year has been when the Real Bread Campaign goes on a mission to help everyone discover: life”™s sweeter with sourdough! From 1-30 September, Real Bread bakers worldwide are encouraged to organise their own local events and activities as part of Sourdough September, to help share sourdough secrets and demystify the delicious delights of the oldest way of raising a loaf. This is the fifth year of Sourdough September, and there are lots of events and special activities happening. Visit The Real Bread Campaign’s website to find out what’s happening near you (and carry on reading to find out what’s happening at Loaf!)

The aims of #SourdoughSeptember are to:

  • Share the delicious delights of genuine sourdough
  • Encourage more people to bake genuine sourdough
  • Celebrate the small, independent bakeries that bake genuine sourdough
  • Alert people to the issue of sourfaux to help people avoid paying a premium for something that just isn’t genuine sourdough
  • Encourage people to join and/or donate to the Real Bread Campaign

What makes Sourdough special?

Sourdough makes the best bread, no wonder it”™s been a staple food in many parts of the world for thousands of years. Sourdough bread is free from manufactured bakers yeast and instead relies on natural airborne yeast to raise the loaf, and natural bacteria to give the loaves their distinctive flavour.

#SourdoughSeptember at Loaf

For #SourdoughSeptember at Loaf we are running a raffle in the shop where you can win a place on our Simply Sourdough course, worth £120.  Another prize in our raffle is to win your choice of book from our Loaf Bakery Bookshop.

We teach our courses in our dedicated cookery school in Stirchley, South Birmingham. The sourdough course is taught over a two-day period. During the course, you”™ll see the whole sourdough baking process through from refreshing the “˜starter”™ (the yeast culture that you keep alive in your fridge from week to week) to baking the loaves – and you won’t go home hungry or empty-handed!  If you want to find out more about our courses click through to our courses page.

To take part in the raffle: when you buy a sourdough loaf in our shop in September, you have the opportunity to add your email address to the prize-draw. The winners will be notified at the beginning of October.

We encourage you to share your photos of Sourdough – especially in September. Tell us what you’ve eaten, what you’ve baked, what you’ve discovered… we will have samples throughout the month of September in the shop! Use the hashtag #SourdoughSeptember on social media to share.

Good luck in the raffle!





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