CANeat: it”™s all about the vegetable

The menu for the next CANeat dining experience has been announced.

Taking place on Wednesday 27 March – 7.30pm, this time it’s all about the vegetable.

Dinner Menu



Cauliflower, Garlic Chives, Tofu, Roast Dduk, Miso French Onion

Imitation Crack pie

Milk and Cookies



Twenty pounds, Feel free to bring your own liquor

Check out, and @can_eat on twitter. Book early, as places go fast!

For further information contact


Stirchley CANeat is a regular, intimate dining experience with a set menu advertised in advance. We”™ve got a fantastic team of food enthusiasts together to put this on, spearheaded by Dom (our breadchef), Vic (his better half), and Lap (our fish Sensai).


1 thought on “CANeat: it”™s all about the vegetable

  1. Hi All, the date for our vegetarian CANeat has changed to Wednesday 11 April, 7.30pm. Same menu, time and place.

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