Who’s Hungry?

From Saturday 26th, Loaf isn’t just a bakery and a cookery school – it’s also a shop.  As you’ve probably gathered, Stirchley Stores are leaving and Loaf is taking over the space.


This means you’ll see some changes.  The shop will look different, thanks to some clever friends and a lot of planning.   The bread will mostly look the same.  It should all be on the shelf 1pm on week days.  Depending on who’s baking, it will be more burned or less burned!  The shop will stock equipment, ingredients and books that we love and use at Loaf.  The hours will be slightly altered.  The staff will rotate shifts, so you should get to know the bakers, as well as you know Tom and Nancy.  We’ll have two new faces for you to meet – Jordan (some of you might know from her good work with Stirchley Stores) and Martha, who are both joining the Loaf family!  But perhaps the biggest difference for you, will be LUNCH.

If you ever came to Brewhouse here at Loaf, you’ll be familiar with our ever-changing menus.  No two weeks were the same.  I think that’s the way we like it.  You can depend on us to make a tasty lunch.  But we plan on changing the menu daily to keep it as fresh and exciting for you, as it is for those preparing your food.

We’ll be keeping it simple, seasonal, affordable AND delicious.

So, think a couple of options every day.  Think stuffed croissants or daal, soups or stews, sandwiches or salads or sourdough pizza slices (you can bet sourdough pizza becomes a regular occurrence!).
Along with this, we’ll be serving up our regular brewed teas and coffees every day.

We’re all really excited to welcome you!


Lunches available Tuesday-Friday only from 12 noon.
We don’t have much space, so your lunches will be to go.
As ever, first come, first served!

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