How to Start a Community Bakery Course from the School of Slow

how-to-start-a-community-bakeryOn the 22nd June we’re delighted to be hosting the ‘How to Start a Community Bakery Course’, run by our friends and inspiration for much of what we’ve done at Loaf, Dan and Johanna McTiernan.

Dan and Johanna are the co-founders of The Handmade Bakery, the first Community Supported Bakery in the UK. Launched using a subscription bakery model that enabled it to start from virtually zero capital they built a sustainable bakery which engages and enlists the local community, giving them a say in where their bread comes from and a meaningful relationship with the bakers.
Started from Dan and Johanna’s home kitchen, the bakery now has its own canal-front bakery cafe space, employs 18 people cooperatively and turns over of more than £250,000 per year. And all without ever going to a bank for a loan! Many individuals and groups throughout the UK have a similar dream to Dan and Johanna; to start up a community bakery where they live, to start a business with ethics, principles and real bread at its heart.
This 1 day course will explore setting up and running a community supported bakery. It will look at the practical, technical and community aspects of community supported baking. Tom will also contribute a bit about Loaf’s story during the day.

You can find all the details of the course and book your place on the School of Slow website.

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