Free Your Food!

There’s great news for families in the Selly Park area of South Birmingham, who now have access to a community food cooperative, and can buy all their essential store cupboard items communally, getting a cheaper price and bypassing the supermarkets. The South Birmingham Food Coop has been up and running since January 2010, and stock wholefoods and store cupboard items as well as environmentally friendly household products. Nancy from the food coop says:

Currently we order on an adhoc basis according to members’ demands from Suma (, a cooperative wholesaler based in Tadcaster. We are run for and by our members on a not for profit basis with the aim of providing affordable, quality and healthy food to our communities. In the future we hope to become an outlet for local producers and stock fresh produce too. If you would like to join and take control of your food, get in touch; the bigger our membership, the more we can do.

South Birmingham Food Coop are based out of Enheduanna Housing Cooperative in Selly Park and can be contacted by calling Nancy on 07923405153 or at

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