A taste of Cotteridge in Brazil

I had a lovely visit from a fella called Rene last week, a former Birmingham University PhD student who now lives and works in his home city in Brazil. He’s a keen home baker and lives as part of an intentional community trying to reduce their impact on the planet and live more self sufficiently. He’s thinking of setting up a community bakery as part of this, and came to have a chat with me whilst he was over here doing some guest lecturing at the Uni. I packed him off with a copy of Knead to Know, a couple of sourdough recipes, and a jam jar of the starter culture for my Cotteridge Sourdough bread. He’s just got back to Brazil and sent me a great picture of his first Cotteridge sourdough loaf, Brazilian style. I love the fact that there’s a small taste of Cotteridge in Brazil now, and a simple mixture of flour and water can help the birth of a new community bakery thousands of miles away! Good luck Rene…

brazilian sourdough

3 thoughts on “A taste of Cotteridge in Brazil

  1. I’m a lucky man having the opportunity of being part of the same community Rene is. For us, now 10 times more inspered and convinced of his call he is and will always be our BREAD MASTER. Thanks TOM for your encouragement and support

  2. Thanks Claudio, I hope you enjoy the bread!

  3. That seems really good. I can hardly wait to try one of those.

    Thanks for the support Tom.

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