Real Food Manifesto

Real food is food that has a small environmental impact, is authentic, slow, honest, traditional, healthy, simple, innovative, and artisan.

Real food is about cooking – cooking from scratch, with raw ingredients, as much as possible. But it’s also realistic. We all indulge in some pre-prepared food sometimes, and when we do, lets try our best to support small, local, and artisan producers.

Real food is about sharing – sitting down and breaking bread with other human beings.

Real food is about community – sharing it with our communities and benefitting the community in the food choices we make.

Real food is about connection – connecting with the earth that produces it, and the heroes that bring it to our plates. Shake the hand that feeds you.

Real food can be free – no better way to connect with the earth than grow and forage for your own food.

Real food is about ethics – it subverts the unethical in the industrial food chain, and supports ethical food production and distribution, whether it be within 40 miles, or 4000 miles.

Real food is about change – reclaiming the food chain, and building it back up on values, not $,€,£…

Why are we bringing back real food? Well we are, and we’re not. The industrial revolution and agro-business changed our food forever, making the food chain more and more complex. Loaf aims to simplify the food chain again, connecting local people with local producers, with as little in between as possible. This both harks back to a pre-industrial (and even pre-agricultural) time, and is groundbreaking in subverting the complexities of big-business calorie distribution.